Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The great Indian Diwali Sweet "Badhusha"- Making

 Diwali brings in the mood of celebration via the Indian modes of sweet making, lights lightning, crackers bursting, new wardrobe flaunting, bliss with family, and savouring of the savouries. The Indian families commence preparing savouries like sweets and stuff weeks before Diwali to share those sweets with their family and friends on the occasion of Diwali. One such delight sweet of the Indians is Badhusha. I am delightful to explain the procedure in making this Indian sweet at home for your family to savour.

Ingredients Required

Maida, Ghee, Powder sugar, curd, saffron, water, oil, Baking powder, cardamon powder


Take maida 1 cup (for ten badhusha ) take maida based on the number of badhushas you need to prepare for your family. 

Powdered sugar could be easily made at home by blending your normal sugar in a mixer. Add one teaspoon sugar (you may add few more teaspoon of sugar-based on the sweetness your family needs but be aware that you are gonna immerse the badhusha in sugar syrup at the end. So select the quantity of sugar to be mixed with maida in such a way that it doesn't over sweet your badhusha. Hence one teaspoon sugar would do well.)

Add one teaspoon baking powder to the maida 

Mix the mixture well. Then add four teaspoons of ghee and mix the mixture until you are able to make a shape out of the mixture. 

Add a tablespoon of curd to the mixture mix well

Add 4 tablespoon of water and knead the dough.

Let the dough rest for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes shape the dough into round shapes with a small press in-between the round.

Medium heat the oil separately in a pan and then fry the round-shaped doughs in the oil. The dough turns into crispy badhusha and floats up. 

Now make a sugar syrup by taking a separate pan pour water onto powdered sugar, you may add saffrons and cardamon powder for flavour sake and boil the syrup for five minutes. Then add the badhushas onto the syrup and dip them for five-ten minutes. Now the badhusha is ready to serve :)


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