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 "The updated she" blog exclusively for women

Our tagline - "The Updated she overtakes the beautiful she"
Our Slogan - "Stay Updated to be Upgraded"
Our motto - "To Update every Shes"

A peculiar blog for girls, ladies, women, and senior women.
Myself being a woman I believe in women's individuality. She should be THE only SHE whom she always relies upon as well she who could do her obligations herself irrespective of depending on anyone even her family. That's when she is truly empowered.  

Here is a blog to update every SHEies with the major deeds a woman should be aware of and to clear her doubts about life essentials a woman should be aware of. 
This blog will give you many basic self-done activity essentials of life for which we deny and rely upon others. The basic essentials of life what nobody wills to teach or fail to teach us which only working woman or situationally stuck up women learn anyway. Hereafter every woman who reads this blog could be aware of these kinds of stuff
(like personal finance stuff, technology stuff, new mom stuff, cooking ideas, DIY stuff, entertainment stuff and of course beauty care tips) without relying on others or without learning anyway learn it through THE  UPDATED SHE blog and exist updated. Manage your finance and do many personal activities by yourself via our financial literacy and DIY section blogs.

A blog to introspect yourself. Self introspections through my eyes, my introspects. A purpose to delight self with thought sharing. You may share your thoughts and introspections via comments to me. Blogs to Spur you. Yes, via the author's thought section and of course Mom hacks for the new moms via this blog.

There is en number of dishes recipe blogs that are available online. Breaking the stereotypical cooking this blog will update you with peculiar types of recipes with mix and match ingredients. The modern dishes, different attempts with different dishes. My exclusive recipes to update the shes.

Turning the naives into nerds. Become a techno freak via this blog's techno hacks. Be updated on the technologies and the ways to be part of the new technologies and to utilize the available technologies.

Every human needs entertainment for a refreshing self. Be a rejuvenated woman busting your stress out through pieces of information about the new entertainment factors in the tinsel town. Get to know various celebrity shows, reality shows review. Get good movies and series suggestions. 

Beauty is a term related to women. Then it was beautiful women now it is beautifully makeuping women. Yes the Updated she overtakes the beautiful she. Being beautiful without any upgradation to ur look may even ruin ur beauty. Stay updated with beauty tips and makeup ideas to enhance your outlook. Be the women of this era."STAY UPDATED TO BE UPGRADED"

Read stories to inspire you and even you can write a story to inspire other women through the stories to inspire section specially erected for our readers.

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