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RESULTS for The Xmas Special Contest!

 "The Updated She" conducted Xmas special contest of short story writing to encourage women writers. There was a decent response and I received a few stories from that I have shortlisted 7 valuable, unique, and own stories that would inspire any women who read.

All 7 stories are published on The Updated She website in the "stories to inspire" section. The first three voucher winners were selected based on the impact, moral of the tale, inspiring quotient, clearly crafted storyline, etc., and only those who fulfilled the eligibility criteria were considered for the first three prizes. 

Work by "The Updated She" Author Vardhani - The stories weren't concept modified but the stories were corrected with few punctuation errors and grammar errors before being published. A line from the story has been selected and made as an image and posted along with each story.

All stories were published with the consideration that the author has not involved in any copyright infringement on the story shared. We have assumed that all those contents are completely original and any claim of copyright in the future from the original author shall be dealt with by the concerned participant. These stories were intended only to inspire women and have no connection with real characters. Any relevance in the characters may be purely coincidental and does not mean to hurt any sentiments. All stories published were published with the concerned author's consent.

Congratulations winners and keep writing more.

1st Prize winner -   Mrs. Indira  ( prize 1000 Rs Amazon Voucher)
2nd Prize winner - Miss. Alefiya Kotawala   (prize 500 Rs Amazon Voucher)
3rd Prize winner - Miss. Afreen Shanavas (prize 250 Rs Amazon Voucher)

3 stories selected for participation appreciation are 

  Wake up and live ! by Julia 
 Life Bearer! by Shail Shruti
A Sealed Door! by Shruthi Sayal

1 article published as a tone of appreciation, but not considered for the prize as the contest was for short stories
Feminism - Marginality, and Emancipation by Prarthana Dave 



The Xmas Special Contest!

 Xmas special contest for our readers. We welcome short stories of inspiration related to women's empowerment from our readers. The stories selected will be published here on our website along with your profile details in the author section. The word limit would be a maximum of 2000 words. Only English language posts are welcome. Entries can be sent to Only qualified entries will be published. Just a tone of appreciation for your writing talent by publishing your entry in our blog along with Prize.  If not selected strive to improve your quality of work. Adult(A) contents are strictly prohibited.

Participation criteria 

First, follow our website and subscribe to our website. 

Click the follow button here

Subscribe us here,and check your mail for verification message from feedburner activate your subscription by clicking it.

Once you subscribe you will receive a verification mail from Feedburner click a link listed in the message to activate your subscription..

Follow us on Instagram  by clicking here

Age limit: anyone above the age of 16 

If not fulfilling the criteria your entry will be rejected irrespective of your story quality.

Format  for profile details 

(must)author name :

(if interested) qualification :

(if interested) author photo :


1st Prize - 1000 Rs Amazon Voucher

2nd Prize - 500 Rs Amazon Voucher

3rd Prize - 250 Rs Amazon Voucher

The rest of the good contents would be published without any prize as a tone of appreciation.

Don't forget to give a title to your story.

Expires on December 23,2020. Entries will be accepted until December 23,2020.

Prizes announcement within the new year.

For queries either mail us at or DM us via Instagram



The Successful Ten! 

Gratitude towards quarantine tenure, this had made me dig up my dream and passion. I was able to make up ten post at a stretch, thanks to Lockdown. Irrespective of the routine schedules I did make up only due to the stay-home stay safe slogan implementation. I am glad I could make up ten blog posts. Once an interest emerged I commenced executing my passion but was left emptied just with a single post due to life pressures and circumstances. I have made self-assurance to pen my blog often, to respect my passion, and to fulfill my passion on a regular basis. I am thankful for the ideas that emerged in my brain to fill-up as content in my blog. I realized that I enjoy writing right from my eighth standard. And I kept doing it one way or the other as letters to my friends during holidays, as diary writing the sweet memories of my life and often as poems in my poem note. And now it has been the blogging. To the readers, I would love to share informative, aesthetic, useful, and random thoughts pricking my brain. Let me blog without a clog. I felt of celebrating ten posts as this is the stepping stone along the milestones to be reached.

The successful ten would be the spur for excessive penning of blogs. Eager to pen down more. Eager you expect the more!!


The Me!

Who am I? The never-ending question in each one's head popping up often, at times at our own gestures, at our own anger, at our own happiness, at our own kindness, at our own Charity, etc... But rarely does one finds the answer for it. Many leave the earth without an answer to this question. Let's not deep dive instead just be happy, live your present, enjoy every moment, try to forget that harsh past, and do remember the happy past. Smile at all your happy time gain the confidence to go ahead. Who am I advising you I am the normal woman who tries to follow whatever I have advised you to do but yup I too couldn't follow them I suffer as you in inculcating these qualities to live life to the happiest. But I do want to inculcate these qualities but can only advise as am finding it tough to follow. Come let's together try to treasure our happiest memories and carry life in a happy way. The dreamy blogger me is the woman of dreams. She wants to write up as much as she dreams. She is ready to fill up every piece of paper with her dreamy thoughts. A Mtech graduate by qualification, a mom by heart, and a blogger by passion. A companion to all my readers through my write-ups...

Hope our journey gives us to the core happiness, molds us, consoles us, quenches your reading thirst as well my writing thirst.



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